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Fancy Feet Blackpool

Home to some of the best Line & Partner dancing on the Fylde Coast

Only happens during Lockdown -It is not running at the moment

This is where you will find the latest weekly program of our 

Fancy Feet online events.

I hope you can join us any time.

Not forgetting move-radio too. 


CODES are messaged out 15mins before

Any changes will be emailed .


MONDAYS: 6.30pm - 8pm - Beginner line dance and Instruction

TUESDAYS: 9.30am-11am - Easy line dance and Instruction

WEDNESDAY: 6.30pm - 8pm - Intermediate dancing plus Instruction


FRIDAY: 6.30 - 8pm - Golden Oldies Social followed by

WINE TIME: - catch up, laugh, joke and CHEERS

Stay in contact - Don't be alone!

Fancy Feet Blackpool cares about YOU!

We have multiple ways of staying connected through line dance, without dancing. Please do not feel shy, unwelcome or worry if you have no idea about computers. There are a few of us who can help you!

  • There is the telephone - try not to text ring!
  • We have our website that is fully up to date to include our weekly events program.
  • Emails - I am trying to send these put more often to keep you updated. I hope you enjoy reading them.
  • WhatsApp - Do you have a mobile phone? If so, download the app for WhatsApp, let me know and I will send you a link to join the chat. It is a busy group, but everyone is chatting and feeling positive and we are there for each other.
  • Facebook - We have the Fancy Feet Facebook group for updates, plus there are loads of online classes, concerts etc....
  • Not forgetting Zoom - personally this has been a huge help to my sanity. It is great to see everyone, chat and dance (I can't remember anything lol!). We play bingo (that is really funny) and share a coffee, but most of all it is safe and private

Weekly challenges we have completed so far:

  • Vision board
  • Write about a day when you were at school
  • Make a 'grateful' for list
  • Make an elephant out of a milk carton
  • Write down 2 things you have accomplished each day
  • Fill Facebook and WhatsApp with photos and memories of line dancing
  • Hang up flags ready for VE day.

Discover Zoom and become a Zoomer

On your Computer

  1. Go to google and search for Zoom (or click here)
  2. Click on video conferencing
  3. Download to your PC, then click run
  4. You will then need to register with an email address and password (it is totally free for you - it does say only up to 40 mins, ignore that as I have upgraded)

On your Ipad or tablet

  1. Download the Zoom cloud app (it is blue)
  2. Register as above

To join our events

  1. Open Zoom
  2. Click on join meeting
  3. Enter meeting ID (I release these about 15 mins before the event - they change each time)
  4. Press allow for video
  5. Enter the password you have been given for the event (this also changes for each event)
  6. Press allow for video

Congratulations you are now a Zoomer!!

If you need any help please message me