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Fancy Feet Blackpool

Home to some of the best Line & Partner dancing on the Fylde Coast

At the Moment Partner Dancing is on hold

This is not a permanent decision -but the last couple of classes have been quite difficult. 

Low attendance due to covid , and other reasons has meant only a few of us there ,Everyone remembering different dances too .

I also realised many of you preferred  to socialise more than learning or revising dances for the moment.

 I feel this may be covered with our afternoon events for the time being.

I will be rearranging dates when  the better weather comes. Starting a fresh ,

I will be running the classes as we used to do and because we only have a class every 3 week or so  you will have plenty of time to practise and remember the dances in between classes. , It is only this way that the class can progress to learn the many Easy Beginner dances that are around to enjoy. 

a quick refresher walk through will only be required if we all work together. 

I loved my Partner classes -They were so relaxing, full of laughter with no fear of being knotted up or going wrong. I didnt teach difficult dances but with all pastimes we do have a period of perseverance before we achieve. Sitting down is an impossible way to learn to dance,

The dances we did were all BEGINNER dances with one or 2 challenges. 

I am really looking forward to our FRESH START!!